1. The "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" is an affiliate program for professionals. This program is considered a privilege and not a right. This partnership is based on mutual respect and trust.

  1. Products purchased via the "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" are for personal use and may not be resold or given as a gift to third parties.

  1. The "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" is a program whose benefits are not transferable to a third party. Thanks for keeping your account information secret! Dafin Europe can in no way be held responsible for the fraudulent use of your account by a third party.

  1. Dafin Europe reserves the right to manage the affiliations of "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" according to its convenience and thus to cancel access to the program without explanation, prior notification and / or without compensation following fraudulent use (see point 2.) . Membership in "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" must be renewed annually.

  1. Access to the program is only valid from our website shop.dafin-europe.com and is intended for people based in Europe.

  1. Returns and repairs must be made from the website shop.dafin-europe.com. Items can not be returned to a Dafin Europe store or reseller. This action would be considered as an abuse of the "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN", with the consequence, the immediate termination of your affiliation to the program.

  1. Dafin Europe reserves the right to change the terms of the "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" at any time, and place restrictions on the quantity of products that can be purchased.

  1. Please be discreet about the benefits of the "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN". Talking about membership and Pro program rates could disrupt our business. Keep your information confidential and refer anyone interested to our website shop.dafin-europe.com.

  1. Purchases made through "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" can not be combined with any other special offers, discounted products and / or certain products that are excluded from the program. The discount is not applicable retroactively.

  1. Purchases made under the "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" are not eligible for free delivery.

  1. Pro Warranty: As Dafin Europe Pro, it is clear that you are using products under harsh or extreme conditions, with a sustained frequency that pushes the products to their limits. As a result, the damage associated with natural wear appears more quickly. We reserve the right to attribute the deterioration of your items from past seasons to normal wear and tear.

  1. By using the "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN", you acknowledge and agree to the conditions described above.

  1. All orders placed via the "Dafin Europe Pro OCEAN" are subject to the terms and conditions applicable on purchases from our website shop.dafin-europe.com.


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